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Host Microbiome Group News and Updates

September 14th, 2017- Featured Research from Dr. Martins-Green's Lab

Thirdhand Smoke Exposure Effects on Liver and Brain Found to Worsen Over Time

August 17th, 2017- Dr. Hsiao Awarded NIH RO1

Gut microbiome-mediated small-molecule signaling and resistance to invading microorganisms

August 11th, 2017- Dr. McCole Awarded NIH RO1

NIH Grant to Biomedical Scientist Will Advance Research on Inflammatory Bowel Disease

June 15th, 2017- Two UCR Research Groups Awarded NIH WCMC Pilot Grants

Integrated Metabolomic Analysis of Host and Microbiome in Mouse Intestines - Dr. James Borneman (PI),Dr. Ansel Hsiao (Co-PI), Dr. Poonamjot Deol (Co-PI)

Combined Metabolomics and Lipidomics Studies in Chronic Wound Initiation and Development - Dr. Manuela Martins-Green (PI)

July 12th, 2017- Dr. Lytle and Dr. Larive Awarded NIH R21

Delineating intestinally absorbed (bioavailable) microbial metabolites by metabolomic profiling

April 7th, 2017- Pfizer Inc. Grant  to Dr. McCole

Grant to Support Research Aimed at Benefitting Patients With IBD

Feb 21st , 2017 -USDA Research Grant for Dr. Borneman 

UC Riverside Gets $5.1 Million to Fight Citrus Killer

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